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Effe testen


SCCM and a web proxy

Last week I had a problem at a customer. The had setup a web proxy in SCCM but it wasn’t used anymore. And for some reason they couldn’t remove the setting completely. So the downloading of Microsoft Updates didn’t work anymore. All the applicable settings in the SCCM 2012 R2 Console had been checked and everywhere where there was a reference to the proxy server it was removed. But without a solution. Continue reading SCCM and a web proxy

Citrix Plugin 4.1.02 and SSO not working

At a customer today we had an issue. After installing the Enterprise Citrix Receiver we tried to use SSO (Single-Sign-On) through an .ica file. After some research I found out that the executable needed for SSO wasn’t running after the installation. Via a post on the Citrix Discussions site I found out that there is a bug in the latest 4.1.x receivers. Continue reading Citrix Plugin 4.1.02 and SSO not working

First experience with server 2012 dedup

I’ve been setting up a new fileserver in our corporate environment.
At this moment we still have 7 fileservers spread through the company in 3 different locations.
So time to centralize them to more reliable storage and systems.
Just installed the new server 2012 with the deduplication role added.
After copying 596 Gb’s of data last night and running the deduplication process I had a deduplication┬ásaving of nearly 250 Gb.
I’m a little curious what will happen with that number as soon as all 3.9 Tb’s have been copied to the machine.

I’ll keep you posted